#161 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee ~ winter

Winter is not here yet but it already affects #frapalymo :-):

“I was entirely night delighted when I read your #frapalymo 8-poems. how nice, how touching, how grandiose! on days like this I think: that is why I love #frapalymo so much. because I am given so much. thank you all so much!

for #frapalymo no 9, we want to use an already known but not less challenging prompt: a haiku. and that you do not have to “run without an idea”, here a prompt as (hopefully) helpful tip: “write a winter haiku.”

and the small print: please tell me via mail or twitter, if you want to verse with me, that means I can tweet the link to your post. or post your poem or the link to your poem in the comment section under my poem on the according day. hashtag for me to recognise the tweet is #frapalymo (mainly in German) and I am @FrauPaulchen.”
Of course, you can leave your poem or the link to it here in the comment section and I will tweet about it and tell Sophie.
You can find the original German post here

Description for visually impaired readers: Winter scene: A bench full of snow on a snowy meadow in front of trees

winter sky
a bench waits
in the park

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