SoCS gets a degree

Yes, my dear ones, no post for a week and then two in a day. I go for extremes and love that being a Scorpio. ย Hope you don’t mind :-). Well, I just could not resist the pull of Stream of Consciousness Saturday. And today, well, of course, yesterday, Linda offered us degree/degrees. I have a degree. Besides the one in “choosing the wrong life-choices and get into trouble for that,” I have a degree in Social Work. “Go and study,” said my father. “A good education is crucial to get a good wage!” Wise man he is besides all his bad points. Only thing is: life does not always do as wise man tell you: Today I work in a supermarket on minimum wage and my mental health suggests to now work more than 30 hours per week. We get by. But that’s it. What I really wanted to study was English and Literature. “That” so the wise men of the early nineties said, “won’t get you anywhere but poor, ill and disabled people will always be there, so you will always have a job.” That was distinctly before Europe decided it is time to tighten its many belts and let capitalism rule. In the end, life has proven to me that you have to follow your dreams and your instincts. What I am doing in my spare time is reading and writing mainly in English. So even though I do not have a degree in English, life has given me what I needed to know. And yes, I could still get one. Have been thinking about it lots of times. But to be honest, I am quite happy where I am right now. I think I can earn some money with my “live and learn” degree in English and Literature as soon as I can get my behind up and just do it :-).

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  1. Funny that we wrote on such parallel courses. My personal belief is that the knowledge itself is far more valuable than any piece of paper stating that one has it…but them, I’ve never sent my kids to school, either, so I’m clearly a little biased on the subject of autodidactism…

    Whatever you choose at any given moment, if you choose the path that leads to passion, it’s never a wasted effort. =)

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