The unthinkable has happened…

… I have missed my blogs 1. anniversary!

Not that it is the end of the world but it shows how much I have changed: A year ago I would not have missed something like that. Now, I am much more relaxed and not so strict with myself.

Learning to relax ~ something quite difficult for someone, who has experienced several forms of abuse. You just do not relax. Danger hovers everywhere. That is what you have learned. Or maybe it was just me. Who knows.

It is not only the danger of what can happen to me but also what I can do. I have done a few things that I regret deeply and if I could change them I would. But alas I can’t. I have to live with them and I will.

I will allow myself to relax and to feel happy. And I will allow myself to discover what really counts in life. In my life that is. There is something that I still have to do. Not sure yet what, but I will get there eventually.

However, to celebrate this blog’s anniversary I will go full circle and do something I wanted to do originally but gave up after a while: I will do Julia Cameron’s “The Artists Way” again and share with you as much as I feel fit to share.

My birthday present for a little beehive that has come very far since last year. And a blogger, who has come very far as well.

And what about you? Have you come far and want to celebrate your achievements? Do you want to go full circle and try old things again or are there only new things to be discovered?

No matter what: I wish you many reasons to celebrate!

Video Credit: Stevie Wonder via YouTube

Happy birthday “The Bee Writes…”!

PS: This was on the old “The Bee Writes” 

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