SoCS ages

Am pretty uninspired today.

Last weeks prompt just made me ask what a “preposition” is and when I looked it up it was clear what to write.

This week’s feels more serious though. Or more philosophical. It doesn’t seem to be right to write something funny. Maybe I am not really up for it because I had a hard shift yesterday and got up really early in the last few days. I am not the youngest anymore after all.

Well, nearly 44 isn’t really old, I admit that. But it seems to be a time of change. My body does not do everything as easily anymore. I have to take a lot more care about myself than I used to, to feel healthy and ready to go about my day. I know menopause does not start before about 50 but I feel like my body already prepares itself for that great change. Not that I mind that. I always felt that I am a rather old soul who will come into her own when she is older.

I do not long for my childhood or teenager time. I am more than glad to be over that. Having lost my mum at the age of 12, being at the mercy of a very troubled father and being bullied at school didn’t make that area of my life an especially cheerful or happy one. That’s the past, though. I am through it and it made me who I am and I feel that I can reap the fruits of what I have learned now that I am older.

My life has worked out well after all. I can publish and write what I always wanted to do, I have a wonderful husband and step-children, a job and am reasonably healthy. I have wonderful friends all over the world, a roof over my head and live in my dream country.I feel like I have achieved a lot in my life. Not what one might expect like a brilliant career, but I have found healing for my early broken soul and have realised a dream of mine. Living in this great country.

I think mid-forties is a great time for a woman. You have established some things in your life, don’t need to worry so much anymore about what people think and can plan the second half of your life. That is what I have been doing for a few weeks. Establishing what I have achieved so far and where I want to go. It is exciting. When I was younger, I never believed I could go that far and be that happy. And I am very grateful for that.

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  1. Menopause can come before 50. It idd for my mother, and, at 45, I’ve been perimenopausal for a couple of years. I’m guessing I won’t yet be 50 when it shifts. I’m also very OK with that. I don’t want to make any more people, and maybe there’ll be fewer migraines…

    I agree. Mid 40s is an awesome place to be. I know so much more about my self, and, like you, I’m healing a wounded soul. That’s deeper and richer work than a career I could point to.

    I write and blog, more and more, about just what and whom I love, and I’ve still got time to work on my passion projects, unschool two growing-older kids, be a better wife to my Accomplice in Mischief,and LIVE.

    I used to waste lots of time on things that didn’t matter to me, but I’ve let that go…and it’s amazing how liberating it is! =D


    • morgaine620 says:

      I so know what you are coming from: letting go of things that do not really matter is more than liberating. And I also agree that healing work is more fulfilling than any career could be. If I had children of my own I think I would home school as well even though it is more difficult in Uk than it is in the States I think. But that is all rhetorical anyway. Maybe in my next life. Who knows :-). Hope you are coping well with perimenopausal troubles. I feel that holistic means help a lot and am glad that there is evening primrose oil and the like :-). Mine probably will hit earlier as well but that does not matter. I shall be celebrating it and become a wise crone LOL

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      • Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, here, but each sets its own requirements. I live in a state with a lot of regulation; I’ve found ways to streamline it, but it takes time away from other things, even so…

        I’m managing perimenopause well enough. It’s more annoyance the real issue; and I know it’ll pass eventually.

        And I’ve always wanted to be a wise and eccentric crone!

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      • morgaine620 says:

        me too I suppose that was my dream job such a shame they do not employ those anywhere ;-). I think it is legal in Great Britain as well. Probably lots of regulations as well. Not sure about Germany though. Will have a look into it

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